Claudia is a Toronto based emerging artist, completing her undergraduate studies in Drawing & Painting at OCAD University.

Her practice would be best described as process-based, she dislikes the pressure of making formal decisions and leaves everything up to her intuition. She often surrenders her initial mental image of a finished piece, due to the painting suddenly making choices on its own, begging her to leave a mark in a specific place. Gestural brush strokes are often found within Claudia's pieces, an informal signature ranging from fluid to dynamic, reflecting her neurotic and unpredictable temperament. Her work is reflective of whichever pent-up emotions she is experiencing while creating, allowing the release of these feelings through each individual mark made. It is for this reason that, although her pieces are autonomous objects, Claudia likes to think of her paintings as separate parts of herself—her emotional baggage existing within the frame of a canvas.

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